If you ...


... have a company that provides a B2B service

(often  called "intangibles") - such as:

marketing, engineering, training, consulting, outsourcing of

back office functions (accounting, IT, HR, finance, etc.)

... are great at what you do

... have owned your business for several years

... have (paying) clients

... are profitable, yet you just know you could (should?) be making more money

... are ready to grow, and it's just not happening

... does any of this sound familiar?

Yet your sales aren't increasing.

For some reason, all those leads aren't converting to closed business, and you're not sure why.

And often, as soon as you get a new client, you lose an existing one. So you're right back where you started.

Stack of Envelopes

It's confusing and frustrating.

You don't understand it: you're spending a lot of time sending out proposals. A lot of proposals.

You don't hear back from prospects.

Once you send a proposal, things "go dark". Prospects don't call or email back, despite your repeated follow ups. (Some call this being "ghosted".)

It takes a long time for deals to close.


For those opportunities that are still "alive", the sales cycle seems to be taking very long, but you're not sure how to move leads through the pipeline any faster.

If any of this sounds familiar, you're in good company - all these things are very common, especially for service providers.


While most successful business owners are great at what they do - being a top-notch engineer, IT provider, accountant, lawyer, etc. - they're just not necessarily great at sales / selling their services.

This often is a result of one or more factors: not qualifying leads early or accurately enough; not having a repeatable sales process in place; not having a complete sales "toolkit"; and more.

We show business owners and their teams how to improve these critical skills, allowing them to close a higher proportion of their deals, close deals more quickly, increase their average contract size, and more.

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Then let's talk about how we might be able to help your company.

You're getting leads.

Maybe they're from referrals ... or perhaps  people find you through a Google search.

These are good things!