A sampling of clients

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Some client testimonials

“Rebekah has been extremely helpful, insightful, and wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend her.” - Tori M., founder and CEO, Co-Pilot

“Rebekah is a strong business and sales leader. She excels with integrity and passion and is truly committed to her clients. She is truly a customer advocate with creative solutions. Her positive energy creates momentum and brings people together. I truly enjoyed working with Rebekah.” - Andy Balazs, SVP, Medical Mutual

“I highly recommend Rebekah! She helped me drastically improve my sales process. She is very experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional. Any company would be blessed to receive her consultations. Thank you, Rebekah!” - Max K., CEO, Northfield Consulting

"We feel lucky to have found someone to help us with our sales processes at a time when we needed it badly. We've been needing someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to sales operations. Not only does Rebekah know ... how to effectively sell, she has taken the time to learn our specific needs ... and helped us figure out what works. We are huge fans!" - Rachel M., co-founder and co-CEO, She+ Geeks Out

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