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These are the top areas most clients need to focus on and improve first:

Analyzing the data

Increasing your close rate

(i.e.,  closing more deals)

There are techniques that can improve the number of deals you actually win, including when (hint: early) and how to ask the critical budget question, set expectations throughout the sales cycle, and much more.

Shortening the sales cycle

(the time it takes to close a deal)

There are several methods - simple ones - that can be applied during a sales cycle; it may surprise you how quickly you can close some of your deals. We've had clients go from a 75-day cycle (or longer) to a 7-day close. (No, that is not a typo.)

Cogs in the Machine
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Determining how to qualify / disqualify leads

Are you accepting business that you know isn't a good fit? Prospects aren't the only ones who get to choose who they work with - you're allowed to be selective, too. It's important for you to consider what constitutes a good client - and what doesn't.

Responding to requests

for a discount

(Did you know it's kind of a prospect's job to ask for a discount? You shouldn't take it personally. By the same token, it's your job to say "no".)


There are ways to adjust your sales process so that you can easily and naturally deflect any discount requests from prospective clients.

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Establishing a repeatable process

and standard "toolkit"

Do you feel like you're "re-inventing the wheel" with each opportunity? Many business owners do.


We have a set of steps and tools - including a sales deck, call script(s), qualification questions, and more - that can be used with every lead. From the first point of contact, through signature, and all the steps in between.


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